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The most important rule of an Indian wedding that everyone should remember is that it’s never about the people getting married. Even though the idea revolves around holy matrimony where two people are bound for life the truth is more closely related to a social event where customs and rituals have to be followed for a successful wedding followed by marriage. As for any wedding the most important apparel for the bride is the wedding dress which completely depends on the location and culture the person belongs to however the most conventional and universally accepted wedding wear is a sari.

If the wedding is conducted for a lady whose roots are from south India then the choice of the sari fabric should be south Indian silk from the state of Kerela. If the girl is from north India the choice of fabric should revolve around a Banarsi silk sari for socio ethnic reasons. The other acceptable wear is a “gahgra choli” also known as a “chania choli” which is essentially a long flowing skirt and a short top with a scarp. The fabric used for a ghagra choli is silk as well. The best colors to use for a wedding dress are red, orange, bright yellow, turquoise, royal blue and purple.

The most common mistake that women make while preparing for the wedding is that they generally miss out on minute details that please them in order to make every one around happy which is not often a choice but an obligation. The greatest errors are in the choice of the kind of jewelry. Even though everyone around would be at their best to coax the bride into wearing heavy gold jewelry one must know that the ceremony lasts hours and the more jewelry on you the more weight on you and hence the more exhaustion. Hence it’s wiser to wear gold jewelry which is hollow so that it gives the effect of being solid.

Most Indian food are delicacies, the only thing that one needs to make sure is that vegetarian food and no-vegetarian food is served at different tables more over the only universally acceptable meat that can be served at an Indian wedding is mutton, chicken and fish. Since most Indian wedding are considered to be the union of not only two people but that of two families all pre-wedding events must be held at both the bride and groom’s place so that both families get to know each other. As for the expenses for Indian weddings sky is the limit. The more grand you make it the more the expenses sore.

Top ten indian bridal dress designs

Top ten indian bridal dress designs: Out of all ten red lehenga choli with dupatta is most worn and the best dress for brides and look awesome with jewellery.

1) REd Lehenga choli with dupattta
2) RED Saari with blouse
3) Ghaghra Choli
4) varanasi saaree
5) Baluchuri saaree
6) Kota saarees
7) Shalwar kameez
8) Jardashi saaree
9) Patiala suite shalwar
10) Bangladesi dhaakai

1)Red Lehenga choli
Red Lehenga choli with dupattta Lehenga choli specially red with a beautiful dupatta having all jari designs on it is the best bridal dress designs out of all. Color red is best suited because its a sign of love and new relationship. Short sleeves are best, because with this dress u can wear all type of jewelleries. If wearing diamond jewelleries then use same color designs on the dress. And if wearing gold jewelleries then prefer golden embordiery and golden designs on it.

2)Red Saari
Red Saari with blouse and dupatta on head Saare as you know is a 6m long cloth mostly worn by indian women and are the best costumes to be worn. Red saari is also a very good bridal wear and is worn most occassionally on marriages. Again short sleeves blouses are best for it. It is less fashionable than red lehenga but mostly wore by brides in uttar pradesh, bengal, madhya pradesh, south india. With this also brides prefer a juda on head and dupatta. Mostly gold jewelleries are worn with this.

3)Ghaghra Choli
Ghaghra choli is an alternative of lehenga choli. Ghagra is most preferred in the western india like in rajasthan , gujrat , haryana etc. The Ghaghra as you see looks good in all gujraati designs and in all colors. Good color ghaghra are red, pink, orange, yellow and marroon. Short sleeves are preferred because brides wear ornaments around their arms and that looks awesome.

4)Varanasi saaree
Varanasi saarees are just gorgeous ones to be worn by bridals. The exotic designs on it makes it more dashing and beautiful. You wear a matching blouse with this and can go for heavy necklace, bangles, earnings, nose ornaments, fist ornaments, payals etc. Short sleeve blouse are preferred. Hardly long sleeves are worn. This dress is most worn by the Eastern India like uttar pradesh specially Varanas and Northern India like up, uttaranchal, etc..

5) Baluchuri saaree
Baluchuri saarees with a blouse is beautiful dress. colors can be blue, green, golden,etc. Again short sleeve blouses are worn with this. Brides of states like west bengal, assam, orissa prefer this type of dress. The beautiful design on it make the saaree costlier. The designs and colors available are hard to resist.

6)Kota saarees
Kota saarees are dazzling ones and are used by the bridals but are preferred less as compared to others. people mostly use this saaree to give the bride as head dress. The check designs made on the saaree is beautiful. You can go for red, pink, green , or combination of any two colors with golden checks or other contrast checks on the Saari. In this also short sleeve blouse are used and the blouse color is contrast color of the saaree so worn.

7) Shalwar kameez
Shalwar kameez with a duppatta and quarter sleeve kameez is preferred. Colors that look good are red, pink, marroon, or shades of these colors. Specially golden designs on this shalwar and kameez is prefereed. The duppatta that is used is either net or of the same color silk piece of cloth. This type of dress is most worn by the punjabi brides and northern brides.Golden jewelleries are preferred and are traditional but nowadays people are even going for diamond and platinum. chuda is used with this dress. Chuda is a number of bangles of the combination red and white and golden bangles, that cover the hands from wrist to elbow and are most famous in this type of bridal wears.

8) Jardashi saaree
Jardashi saarees are the dazzling and shining saarees. People prefer dark colors on this saarees and brides wear heavy jewelleries along with this. These saarees are less preferred and worn by the brides but are worn.These wear earlier fashionable. People wear again short or quarter sleeves blouse with this.

9)Patiala suite shalwar
These are similar to shalwar kameez but the difference lies in the shalwar or the leg piece cloth that is being weared. In case of Patiala shalwar the cloth used is more and the aleigance of the dress is increased. Brides prefer short suite (or kameez) on this.You can go for any dark shades of red or pink or orange.

10) Bangladeshi dhaakai saaree
Bangladeshi dhaakai saaree and blouse Bangladeshi dhaakai saaree and blouse as the name suggest is most used by the brides in west bengal state of india and are preferred more by the bengali peoples and in kolkata. Even the bangladesh country this saaree is used and are worn.

Top 10 Indian Fashion Designers




1.Ritu Beri – One of the topmost fashion desgners from India, Ritu Beri has carved a niche for herself as one of the shining stars of the country. She has been serving the Indian fashion industry with her feminine and funky designer apparels. She is the first fashion designer from India to go global. Her collections have been showcased in Italy and she has been visting there very often due to an overwhelming response she gets there.

2. Rohit Bal is one of the foresmost Indian fashion designer.He has been proclaimed by the TIME magazine as India’s Master of fabric and fantasy.’ His sense for aesthetics is perfectly honed and each of his creations are perfectly handicrafted. He has got access to the best in materials and workmanship the industry has to offer.

3.Ritu Kumar- With her immensely popular hand made products she has proved that it can be as profitable and even more glamorous than the dresses made by machine. Her designer clothes are focused on the traditional Indian designs. Some of the famous international style icons like the Late Princess Diana and Jemima Khan have worn the clothes designed by her putting India’s talent on the world map.

Indian Beauty

4. Tarun Tahiliani is one of the most successful Indian fashion designer who has a wide range of clientele base from India and abroad. The garments designed by him are an epitome of style, craftsmanship, quality and refinement. He continues to present exclusive, highly publicized, and well attended shows in the major cities of the world.

5.Manish Malhotra His name is synonymous with Bollywood the Indian film industry.By envisioning a look for the character created a revolution in the fashion scene in Indian film industry.One of his creations the embroidered denim wear had became a rage all over the city.Naomi Campbell had picked up a pair during a visit to India.

6.Rina Dhaka She has been a part and parcel of the fashion scene in India since quite some time.Her works have been featured on international fashion magazines Vogue and Elle.Even though her strength lies in the western wear she has also created a lot of Indian dresses.

7. JJ Valaya-Regarded as one of the czars of Indian fashion scene he has the distinction of many firsts in the Indian fashion industry.He is renowned for his knack of combining clothes and unique experiments. Way back in 1992 he had opened his Couture label-JJ Valaya and introduced this label in the upmarket stores of India and abroad.

8. Priyadarshini Rao – She is one of the best designers in India in the mens wear. Her designed clothes lay a lot of stress on the comfort level which is an integral part in her designing. According to her texture of the fabric is very important and it enhances the aesthetic appeal of the garment.

9. Muzaffar Ali – They have brought back the centuries old tradition back to life in the fashion scene of India. The endeavour of Meera and Muzaffar has been to look at style in the broadest sense of the concept and to create products with a universal appeal and relevance.For them the clothes are an epitome of inner grace.They have held several fashion shows in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Madras, Singapore, Kuwait, London and New York.

10. Payal Jain – Payal has got the privilege of working with some of the leading fashion houses of Europe.Her design house Studio Payal Jain has come a long way since then and it is recognised today as a leading salon de couture in India.Seamless integration of design and production processes with the revival of traditional crafts being an important leitmotif are the single most important features of her clothes.Most of the fabrics used by her are hand woven.

The Indian Nose Rings: Preserving Style Fashionably




The Indian Nose Rings: Preserving Style Fashionably

Indian nose rings have been around for centuries, but it’s widely believed that the tradition of wearing nose rings was actually passed on to the Indians from the Middle East. The mughals introduced the nose ring into the general population. Today the nose ring is still famous, both in terms of tradition and also a part of the new trends, in fact its turn into a fashion statement now. Nose rings are also a must have part of the jewelry worn by the Indian bride. There are various styles of wearing the nose ring, the top styles are:

1. The Gold or Silver Studs- The studs are the most common ones worn today. This one can be worn daily.

2. The Diamond/ Precious metal Stud- When the mughals introduced them they were actually just little diamond/ precious stones studs worn on the left nostril, these are held together with a screw on the inside. Its elegancy makes it perfect to be worn to parites

3. The Plain Ring- Then are the actual rings, various sizes of the ring are preferred for various occasions, a daily wear would be a small sized ring. Also for daily wear and great with Shalwar Kameez or Sari.
Namaste with a smile

4. The ring with ornament- sometimes a small ornament or pendent also attached to it. Perfect for you when attending a wedding.

5. Nath-The wedding nose ring is usually very big in size, goes through the nostril. The Nath is strictly for the bride.

6. Nath with Chain-a chain is attached to one side of the Nath that is than attached to the hair behind the ear, the chains are normally plain but sometimes decorated with little ornaments too.

7. Nath with Ornament

8. The nose ring worn at the septum, this kind is more popular in the villages but also is turning into a kind of fashion statement these days with lots of westerners adorning it.

9. Beaded Nose ring- Also getting popularity these days are the beaded nose rings that a lot of college girls are sporting today, they come cheap and are available in a lot of colors, it’s the hip thing!

10. The Rajasthani Nose ring, with huge clusters of ornaments, pearls and a sort of hook that goes through the piercing. The nose rings can be made of gold, silver, titanium or nickel. But a lot of designers have also started producing them in high quality metals like Platinum. Some of the most well known names in Indian designer jewelry have at one point or the other adorned their collections with the traditional nose rings, and some of my favourites are:

• Neelam Kothari • Poonam Soni • Asha Kamal Modi • Saba Ali Khan • Alpana Gujral • Farah Khan • Niru Rajeev Kumar • Payal Seth • Varuna D Jani • Maheep Kapoor • Lavina Godhwani • Shobha Asar